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Shite Guinness Berlin – “As John B. Keane said,” I love to see the cream on a pint” and I don’t see any cream on a Pilsner”

Early Autumn of 2020 and a page suggestion popped up on our Instagram feed. “Shite Guinness Berlin”. Well, the sentiment echoed deep. We have all been there, we have all struggled and indeed this writer even gave up on his own quest for a decent pint of plain in the Hauptstadt he was so downtrodden by the lack of quality on offer.

I click on the page, as have hundreds of others since, and find one person’s amusing insights during their quest for Berlin’s best Guinness. We chat to the enigma behind the blog and find out where to get a good pint, how to pour it right and what their plans are going into the new year.

Mark Loughrey – “We will look back fondly in decades to come on this Golden Age for Irish songwriting”

Neukölln-based singer and songwriter, Mark Loughrey, released his latest EP, On Through the Veil Anew, last week comprising of five new tracks and four remakes, retakes or remixes of older tracks. Loughrey continues the rich streak of form that Irish songwriters in Berlin are on this year with another encapsulating record that deserves to be heard far and beyond. We had the pleasure of talking to an in-form Mark about this new EP as well as through his own history with music.

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